Adventure with a Stranger

I like to chase the Northern Lights for the rare chance of capturing them where I live in lower Michigan. If you know anything about aurora chasing, you know that below the 45th parallel, they are pretty rare to see. There is a whole "art" and "science" to chasing and capturing them.

One night, there was a very strong possibility to see them at my latitude. However, being on the lower east coast of Lake Michigan, we were encased in every chaser's nightmare: dreaded cloud cover. The closest clear window was in Grand Haven, Michigan, which was about a 2-hour drive from where I live in Bridgman.

I had received a message from a fellow chaser located just a few short miles south of me, asking if I had any advice, and asking would we like to meet up together. She seemed friendly and like a non-threatening individual to be around, so we mutually decided to impromptu carpool up to Grand Haven and attempt to capture the lights.

Some nights, you win.

Others, not so much.

We got home at around 5:30AM, and I'm not positive we captured them, but if you look at the image above on the left side, there is a faint haze of magenta and maybe a little green, similar colors to northern lights shows I've captured before.

I did, however, make a chaser friend, find a great place for shooting in the future, and got a decent photo of Grand Haven's lighthouse lit up at night.

Aurora chasing is more about the chase, than about a guaranteed Northern Lights sighting. The times you don't see them makes the times you do that much sweeter. Happy chasing!