I've been obsessed with drawing and painting horses ever since I can remember. Many of my family members probably still have cartoon-like drawings of horses from when I was little... because I liked drawing. So I drew a lot. And more than anything else, I liked drawing horses. So... que the endless horse drawings.

Once I got a little older, I started painting with oils and acrylics. I did plenty of acrylic paintings also featuring horses. Check this one out that my parents found in storage that I did for my grandpa who really enjoyed westerns:

A few years ago, I met a Paint horse named Wendy. After falling head over heels for her, Paint horses and horses with similar coat patterns became a new love of mine. I'm especially drawn to tobianos, pintos, and paints, of any and all breeds. I am currently unable to own my own horse, so I settle for painting them and getting all the kisses I can get whenever I happen to meet one. ;)

One day fairly recently, a gorgeous young stallion somehow made it onto my news feed on Facebook. It was love at first sight. He basically looks like a real-life Breyer model horse. He's freaking GORGEOUS, with fantastic coloring, a beautiful mover, all-around great at everything he does, and he's as docile as a lamb. He is now my newest celebrity crush.

I absolutely HAD to paint him.

I messaged his "mom" and asked if I could use one of her photos featuring his stunning confirmation. She delightfully granted me permission (THANK YOU AGAIN!!!). I set to work trying to capture his beautiful self. I will definitely be hanging this one in my studio! And I think I will be producing more fan art of this gorgeous boy. :)

Also - heads up all you horsey folks - his books are full for 2025 babies, but be on the lookout on his page for openings for 2026. You will want to get in on this one!